End of the Year Giving Campaign

Building Generosity Cropped2.jpg

Giving thanks to God for all He has given to us, we can give back to him during the next four weeks of our end-of-the year giving campaign. This year’s campaign, called “Building Generosity,” is not just to raise funds because our building needs some generosity, but is also for us to consider how generous we are in God’s eyes. We are challenged to ask ourselves these questions:

“What have I made this year?”
“What have I given this year?”
“Would God label me as generous and helpful?”

Then, with a cheerful heart and thanks to God, let us give as He leads, over and above our regular giving, before the end of the year. 

Scott Simmerok speaks at Church on the Hill in San Jose, California on November 20, 2016.
Raymond Pon