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Fire Restoration

When all the California fires were raging, did you long to be able to help in some way, to go do something for the fire victims who have lost their homes? 

Well, now you can!

On February 17-20 (winter break) from Sunday night to Wednesday night a team is going from our church to Lake County to partner with Hope Crisis Relief Network, a non-profit that is rebuilding homes for uninsured or under-insured homeowners.

We'll build in Middletown where the third worst fire in California history hit in 2015. Over 1,950 structures were destroyed, approximately 1,300 of which were homes. 


A team of 12 were able to do construction on a manufactured home and electrical wiring on a second home for elderly, disabled people. They worked alongside a young Ameri-Corp team and were able to met some of the families that had lost their homes and were getting a new home from Hope City! What a privilege it was to see their strength and hope in the midst of tragedy.

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