Community Groups

At Church on the Hill we believe that growing spiritually is a must in order to be a healthy individual and a thriving Church. We believe that growth comes from two basic sources: 

· God’s Word

· God’s People

We believe that the best way we can foster those two things is through Community Groups. Our goal is to have everyone who calls this their home church be involved in a group. We are convinced that this is a foundational part of what we do and a priority for us as a church. We have groups led by and made up of all kinds of people, from many different vocations and seasons in life.  Some meet in homes and some meet at the church. Some have child care available and some don’t.  We have groups for either men or women, or both; and some are for couples only. What we care about is that all groups study God’s word and invest in each other. 

Groups usually consist of eight to 14 people who commit to meet together on a weekly basis for about ten weeks per season. We run three seasons from September through June, breaking for the summer months.

Our 2017 Fall season started on September 10, and sign-ups are now closed for everyone except new people to the church. If you are new to our church, we want you to have the opportunity to join a group, and we invite you to click the “HELP ME FIND THE RIGHT COMMUNITY GROUP” button below and fill out the information on that form.  Our next season will start on January 14, and sign-ups will again be available for everyone starting in late December. 

Our hope with groups is that you feel connected at the church, spend time in the Bible, experience God's life-changing love, and have a great time in community with others. For more information or if you have questions, contact Josh Becknall.

End of Season Survey

If you are either a community group leader or participant, we would appreciate your feedback.

Community group leader survey

Community group participant survey