Disaster Relief

Disaster Giving

The number of natural disasters that have hit our country in recent months has been unprecedented. Our own San Jose floods seem so long ago. Since then thousands have lost their homes and life savings, thousands have been displaced, hundreds have died, and the whole country is in mourning. 

Sometimes it can become overwhelming and we can become paralyzed or simple not know what to do to help and where to begin. 

One place to start is to give toward relief efforts. If God lays on your heart the desire to help a specific area, it is our hope that you'll follow his leading and put your love into action. 

If you choose to do this, here's a list of vetted disaster relief organizations you can give to.

- Sonoma County Fires - nextgenchurches.com/give

- Las Vegas Shooting - give.salvationarmyusa.org

- Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria - samaritanspurse.org

- Mexico Earthquake - give.salvationarmyusa.org

- Florida Hurricane Irma - Convoy of Hope - convoy.org

- Texas Hurricane Harvey - Convoy of Hope - www.convoy.org/vance