Camp Fire Relief

We all have sat in shock this week as we watched the horrific fire footage in Paradise on TV. So many are now homeless and destitute. Many in Paradise, CA, were elderly people.

We want to help. 

There are many great organizations providing relief for fire victims that would be great to donate to. Feel free to pick one you trust. We also want to provide an option where you could give in a personal way. We can't meet all the needs, but we will do for some what we wish we could do for everyone. 

Direct Help to Four Paradise Families

We currently have four families (7 adults and 4 young children), related to people in our church, who lost everything. We want to help meet their needs with specific, personal donations. They are currently in need of ....

These four families are currently staying in San Jose. A meal train plan has been set up for them over the next couple weeks. If you'd like to take them a meal, sign up at:

ITEMS: Please bring these items to the church. 

·Gift cards (Kohls,  Target or ) for adult clothing, food, and other needs

·Duffel bags or suitcases

·Hangers, microwave, dishes, vacuum


The families will also need furniture, kitchen table, dressers, and appliances once they find a permanent place to stay. When they are ready, we will send out a Google Drive Sheet where you could list items you are willing to donate.

This is a tragedy in our state on a epic scale. Let's help our fellow Californians.