Special GO Projects

Generous gifts to our Missions Fund allow us to "step in" and finance some of our Global Outreach partners' projects or meet special needs as they arise.


Four Generations of Missionaries

Our Adult Bible Fellowship recently supported a new missionary named Suzie Horta from Columbia, who will serve as a nurse on the largest, hospital ship in the world, the Mercy Ship/Africa. Suzie flies from Bogota, Colombia on Nov. 30, 2017, to Douala, Cameroon to meet the ship in port there and the 150 other doctors, nurses, technicians and spiritual counselors.

Susie recently received God's call to the Mercy Ship, but she is not new to missions. Her parents, Juan and Stella Horta, were in missions. Juan is a skilled pilot who got in and out of the marginal landing sites in Columbia (with no mishaps). The guerilla activity there was intense and planes were needed to transport materials and personnel into the jungle. He is now director of Ethos 360's (formerly New Tribes Mission’s) work in Latin America. 

The Horta's were discipled by our Global Outreach Partners, Steve and Eida Irwin, who have been serving over 35 years in Central America, primarily in Colombia and Mexico. Having been raised in Venezuela, Steve has been using his fluency in Spanish to not only teach Latin American students, but also to translate biblical training materials into Spanish.

Steve was spiritually impacted by his parents, Glenn and Mary Irwin,  who were our Global Outreach Partners who went out from our church in 1955 and served in Venezuela for 40 years.  

From Glenn and Mary Irwin to Steve and Eida Irwin to Juan and Stella Horta to Suzie Horta: four generations following God's call! How beautiful to see missionaries passing the baton on to their children and to nationals who have also committed their lives to serving God as missionaries. 

May the Lord's work continue to go on, from generation to generation!


Micro Loan in the Philippines

A gift to the Enguerra's Micro Finance Assistance Program was given by our Adult Bible Fellowship class, so that someone living off the Payatas Dumpsite in the Philippines could start a small business and get out of poverty! 

Eye glasses-Pakistan.jpeg

Eye Glasses for Pakistan

Our Adult Bible Fellowship class gave 500 eye glasses to our Global Outreach Partner's ministry in Pakistan! These glasses were distributed to clinic workers and patients. Often patients said that they can't read the Bible, because they need glasses, so now they can! May much spiritual fruit come from having "eyes that see"!


Uganda Corn

Again this year we joined a New Song of Grace Project, giving 15kg of corn and two hoes per family to 10 families in Paicho Sub, Gulu, Uganda. Since each household has on average of eight members, our gift helped 80 people be able to plant and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in 2018!

GoW Syria Easter Tour 2017_1.jpg

Syrian Easter Tour

This Easter we gave over $18,000 to support a Grain of Wheat Easter Tour that provided a meal, a Bible and the Good News of Jesus to 5,000 children and families at over 40 Easter events in war-torn Syria! 

Roof in Mexico.jpg

Roof Repair in Mexico

This Spring a storm tore some of the roof off of the church in Tijuana that we helped build, flooding the inside of the main auditorium. We were able to send a gift to repair the roof so church services could continue!