Mitchel Walter

Mitchel has attended COTH with his family since he was three years old. In 2015, he started his ministry experience by volunteering to lead a small group of students in the COTH HS group. Currently, he has completed his Bachelors in Communication Studies at at San Jose State University. 

Outside of school and ministry, Mitchel enjoys binging Netflix, getting boba and fro-yo with his friends, wrestling with his brothers and catching up on the latest Marvel film.

“I am excited and filled with joy to work in the middle school ministry! The middle school and high school years are a unique time for a student's faith. It is the time when faith shifts from 'my parent's thing' to 'my thing'. It's the beginning of a student's personal relationship with God. I am honored, thrilled, and humbled to be a part of that transition."

-Mitchel Walter