Church, Chow, ChildreN

It is our desire that the least resourced would have access to an abundant life through Jesus Christ. That is why we partner globally with our global partners and organizations to encourage Churches, minister to Children, and provide nutritional support (Chow) to children.



We believe that the Church is the true hope for the world. It is the vehicle through which God has chosen to communicate the truth of His Son Jesus and bring hope to the least resourced, hopeless and forgotten. We want to support various avenues to build up pastors and leaders, and the ministries and churches Jesus is building through them.


Chow (Nutrition)

We believe that food (Chow) is the hope for today. Many around the world do not have the most basic nutritional resources. Everywhere we work we strive to assure that our staff and projects are involved in the training and provision of regular nutrition in everyone’s diet.



We believe that Children are the hope of the future. As the most vulnerable in a society, as well as the future of the world, children represent those that need the most protection as well as provide the most hope for a different future. That is why many of our efforts focus on the protection and empowerment of the next generation.