Fall 2016, Week 7

We are now deep into the "Untangle" series and I hope that you and your groups are really enjoying it and growing from it. I know that some groups are loving how deep this is allowing their group to go, while some of the other groups have felt like some of this has been a bit much. Please remember as a leader we trust you to gauge the relationships and trust the group has with each other and to decide accordingly what questions should be brought up in group and what questions should just be left for people to think through on their own. Please feel free to skip any questions you feel will not work well or may be too much, just ask each person to remember to go over them before group on their own so that way that have already thought about it. That way you do not need to feel like you have to cover every question and it also makes the discussion much better when people have thought it through prior to the meeting.

Here are this week's resources:

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