Fall 2016, Week 10

Well leaders, if you are anything like me then you are probably wondering how we are already at the end of the season. Time has flown by and we are at the end of our 10 weeks, we will pick back up in January but before we look ahead to that I want to let you know the plan for this last week. Scott will be kicking off a new series on Sunday, but instead of doing questions for just one week we are going to use this week to recap the season and also take the time to encourage each member of the group. Please use this last meeting as a time to hang out and maybe share some food or snacks but more importantly share the stories and highlights of the season we just came through. As leaders, I would ask that you would please let me know the major highlights so we can possibly share them with the whole church on a Sunday or at least with other leaders. Also if you could please make sure to fill out the leader survey and also have each member of your group fill out the participant survey both of those are great tools for making groups the best they can be. 

Participant survey

CG Leader survey

Here are this week's resources:


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