Spring 2016, Week 4

We believe that community groups are key to people growing and a vital part of ministry here at the church.  Our goal for groups is that people grow in their relationships with other believers and in Gods word. To make that happen someone has to lead that. This is where YOU come in, we believe that the most important component to any group is the leader...YOU. So our desire is to resource you and equip you to the best of our ability so that groups can thrive, lives will be changed and hearts will be dedicated to God and the amazing life and plans that He has for us.

Here are this week's resources:

Play the following video at the start of the meeting.

Is the Bible Reliable?

How could someone put their trust in the Bible if people are constantly questioning it's reliability?

Additional Resources

The Bible as Evidence

Is the Bible the word of God or just a story? Dan Kimball examines the historicity of the Bible and whether or not it's reliable or even relevant. 

Why Read the Bible?

Is our relationship with God dependent on reading the Bible? Hip-Hop artist Odd Thomas discusses the pivotal role the Bible plays in actually knowing God. 

Is Today's Bible Authentic?

Is the Bible reliable? Eric Metaxas explores some of the ways we can know that today's version of the Bible is legit. 

Isn't the Bible Offensive?

The Bible is full of stories about immoral people who do offensive things, but its central message is found in how God saves and restores those people. 

What Is the Bible?

What makes up the best-selling and most controversial book in print?