Fall 2016, Preseason leader guide

Groups seem to be getting better and better each season as relationships grow and that trust leads to the life change that we hope for. However, before we can officially set off into another season I wanted to take care of some of the logistical work, but before we do that and I make you feel like you are committed to another season whether you want to or not Please respond to the e mail that I sent you to let me know if you are on for this season. If you did not get the e mail then please let me know at jbecknall@churchonthehill.com or just give me a call or shoot me a text on my cell phone (408)316-1834. 

For those of you that are on board for another season I want to thank you for being a group leader, the longer I do this the more it becomes clear that great leaders are the most important element of a great group. Your time and service are an incredible blessing and what you do is a vital part of ministry at Church on the Hill. Please know that you are deeply appreciated and that we could never thank you enough. Now for the logistics if everyone could make sure we take care of all the things listed below, we will be ready for kickoff Sunday on the 11th.  

  • Please get in contact with your group and see who all is on for another season and then update your roster so we can know where we have open spots for new people.
  • Please update your group blurb on your life on the hill account and make sure you have listed whether or not childcare is provided for your group. 
  • Please plan to be in service for BOTH the first and second service on September 11th, the day we will kick groups off.
  • Let me know if you can be there for our party on Friday September 9th. 

Most importantly please pray for this season, for your group and for people that maybe you should ask to join a group.

Thanks, Josh

Here is the schedule for groups for the upcoming year 2016-2017 Community Group schedule


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