Winter 2017, Week 10

Here we are with this week and then one more to go before this season comes to a close. I hope that this season has been full of great stories, laughs and significant life change for all of you. The role you play in the ministry the church gets to be a part of is vital to what we are striving for. Seeing so many people connecting to others in the church and digging in to God's word together is what groups is all about and that has been taking place all season, and for that we are extremely excited. Thank you for walking with people, for leading out with vulnerability, for opening your homes and for investing in the spiritual lives of others and for actively living out the ministry of reconciliation that Christ has called us to. As we close out the season in these last two weeks, this will be the last week with a regular full set of questions. Next week will be looking to next season and also for most of you hopefully it will be a celebration hang out time or even a service project. Please plan this week how you would like to close out the season with your group next week.

Here are this week's resources:

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