Fall 2017, Week 4

Hey Leaders, now that we are in week four, from this point on our groups will be closed to newcomers, other than new people to the church who are looking for a group. Even in that case you will be contacted, and we will decide if we should add someone to your group at that time.  We do that because the questions are becoming a little more personal and will add more depth to our discussions. Please be mindful of this and take time to ask follow-up questions to push a little deeper. 

This week we plan to get more into the swing of coaching, and either Steve Grizzle or I will be calling you to follow up on how you are doing with your group, using  the GROW model as a basis for our conversation. In case you did not get a call last week, let me explain it:

·         G is the week’s Goals.  This is not something the whole group sits down and talks about; it is something you as the leader decides. For example, you might decide that this week you will get Eric more involved and comfortable by having Jose talk to him before group or by asking him his answer to the first ice breaker question. 

·         R is the Reality of the current situation.  You determine how far or close to the goal you are and whether the goal is achievable. 

·         O is for the Obstacles or Opportunities that currently exist.

·         W is the Way forward--the action steps for the week that you will follow up with next week. 


As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have a great group!

Here are this week's resources:

·  Leader Guide

·  Questions

·  Ideal meeting schedule

·  2017-2018 Community Group Schedule

·  Leader Insights from kickoff training dinner

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