Fall Week 9 Legacy

Hey, leaders.  As we head into the final week of this fall’s message-based questions, I want to let you know that they have been intentionally written for you to be able to dive in deeper. Please make sure you read through the questions first so you know how you want to direct them and maybe even make them more specific for certain people in your group. As always, please take some time to pray for direction and beneficial conversations. Some of these things can quickly get to the foundation of our faith that really defines our relationship with Christ, so if you see opportunities, please go for it.

For next week, if you can make it work for your group, we always recommend trying to incorporate some food and creating a family-style feel as we recap and wrap up the final week of the season.  This week is a good time to plan for that and for setting up a hang-out or two between the seasons.

Here are this weeks resources:

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