Winter Week 4 Prayer Leap

Well, leaders, I realize that this is week four, but we are going for it! If your group is comfortable praying aloud in front of one another, then this will not be a big deal. If your group is not to that place, however, then this week will be very stretching and a great opportunity for people to really grow. We are coming to the end of the prayer series and finishing with the importance of group prayers, so it is pretty obvious where we are headed. We will talk about group prayer some, but the bulk of this week will be praying together as a group. Please be sensitive to those in your group who may be terrified at the idea of praying aloud or others who may not even be Christians yet.  Make it clear they are not required or pressured to pray aloud. Invite them to observe and hopefully learn as others pray, and hopefully they will experience God in ways they had never imagined.

Here are this weeks resources:

Josh BecknallComment