Winter Week 6 Words

Hey, Leaders!  As we head into week two of our “Words” series, hopefully most of your people will have purchased a workbook; but if not, try to just have people who have one share with others in the group when the book is referenced. Also, please have your group watch the video before the session since it is too long to watch during group time. The videos can all be found for free on the app “I Said This, You Heard That” developed by North Point Ministries. As we try something new with this series, please give me all the feedback you have or that you hear--both good and bad--so I can know how it is going and whether or not things like this work for groups. Also, as a reminder we will be having our mid-season leader meeting next Sunday so please RSVP here.

Thanks and have a great week, Here are your resources.

Josh BecknallComment