Spring Week 8 Final Week

Well leaders, I hope that this season has gone great for you.  The 2019 spring season comes to an end this week, so I encourage you to celebrate.  You could have a big BBQ, play some games, simply hang out with your group, or any combination of ideas you come up with.  Whatever you choose to do to celebrate, be sure to squeeze in some time to go over some of the questions, even if you do it informally in multiple smaller groups while everyone is just hanging out. The one question I would specifically encourage you to go for is number six. That question is perhaps the easiest to skip, but for the groups that do it, they always report back how much of a highlight it was.

Before the season ends, I want to remind you that as leaders you are more important and impactful than you may realize.  When we celebrated our church’s 169th anniversary last week, the thing that really stood out to me was all of the life change that has kept the church around for so long.  We read and heard of the many many lives that have been touched--lives which were almost always brought in and connected through relationships. People do not stay without feeling connected; and for most people, their way of being connected is through community groups such as the ones that you have led.

So, as we come to the end of another season, please know that I do not think your role as a CG leader can be overstated.  Although you may not currently see the impact you are having, my belief is that God is doing more than we even dream. All of that is possible because you use your gifts and lead your group here as part of the body of Christ at Church on the Hill. Thank you!  And please know that I am extremely grateful for you and your choice to serve this year as a CG leader. May God bless you this summer.

Looking forward to the fall season,

Josh Becknall.

I hope it has been a great season for your group, and I would love to hear any feedback or great stories you may have.  Please take a moment to fill out a leader survey and also ask your group to fill out a participant survey. That would be greatly appreciated.

Leader survey - https://forms.gle/y3PJeCJz187ijcEY7

Participant survey - https://forms.gle/ruGWaNmEZDWYh1yEA

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