Oasis High School

We are heading up to South Lake Tahoe for Winter Camp for our fourth consecutive year!  After how fun the past three years have been, Tahoe has become our regular destination for the annual Winter trip.  The students will be able to participate in sledding and also have the opportunity to go snowboarding or skiing! We are very excited for this year's Winter Camp and looking forward to getting away in beautiful Tahoe.

January 18th-21st

January Price $265

Bring a Friend Price $205 



Here at Church on the Hill, our High School Ministries are designed as a meeting ground for a new generation of Christ-followers who are wholeheartedly dedicated to, knowing, embracing and living the Gospel. We believe that when our high school students fully live out the life that God has for them, it not only elevates their life but also elevates the lives of those with whom they come in contact.

To help them reach this potential, we create environments in which students are connecting with Jesus. We provide space and community where students are growing deeper in their understanding of the God of the universe and His love for them. We also present opportunities for students to be actively serving, not only in the local church but off the Hill as well.

Our deepest desire is to help all students find their unique, vibrant, and beautiful place in God's story. We believe that in this, they will find hope, peace, and a purpose for living.




(worship gathering) 
Oasis Sunday Mornings @ 10:45 am

(community groups)
Small Community Groups based on gender and age meet once a week with their designated leaders to study the bible and grow with one another.

Josh Becknall

408-265-9000 ext 176