Host-An-International-Student on Thanksgiving!

Every year students from all around the world come to study at universities in the Bay Area. Right now there are over 121,000 international students from places like China, India and the Middle East studying in California. Most of these students are halfway around the world from their families and 80% of them have never stepped foot in the home of an American family! 

This Thanksgiving we are partnering with Bridges International to show a few SJSU students the love of Christ, by simply setting two more plates at the Thanksgiving table! Around 200 students in the Bay Area need a family to adopt them for a day. 

You would pick them up on Thanksgiving Day, watch football and cook turkey with them, share stories about traditions in your family and ask about traditions in theirs, and at the end of the day drop them off back at SJSU having experienced fellowship in a Christian home for maybe the first time! 

We will provide you with the students to contact and a sheet of conversation starters around the table; all you have to do is sign up! To sign up, write to

Update: Some of our families hosted international students on Thanksgiving. They were happy for this opportunity to show God's love to students far from home! One even said it was the highlight of their holiday! 

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