Josh Becknall

Josh grew up as the son of a youth pastor and has been working with youth for well over a decade. He has been both a college pastor and a high school pastor in Southern California and the Bay Area. He has been with Church on the Hill since 2011 as the student ministries pastor and the community groups pastor. He loves having the opportunity to influence people’s lives and desires to see that influence lead to the creation, or a growing relationship with the Lord through a life committed to following Christ. Josh would credit his passion for ministry to the greatest gift that he has ever been given, forgiveness through the blood of Christ and to the countless amounts of people that have invested in him and mentored him throughout his life. He is forever grateful for all of those blessings and hopes to bless others in the same way.

Josh grew up in Morgan Hill and has spent the majority of His life in the area. He enjoys pretty much anything that he can do outdoors, from camping, hunting, snow skiing, and dirt biking to wakeboarding, washoos, baseball, and football. He is really not too picky as long as it includes fun and shenanigans. Josh's favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife Katie and two daughters Grace and Addison, as he would put it "they are my favorite people." As a logical human he does not trust or enjoy cats and believes that they create a terrible smell. He loves dogs but knows a small yappy dog is actually just a cat in disguise and is also not to be trusted.

Josh went to Live Oak High School and to a local community college where he played and pursued baseball with the belief that was what his future would hold. He was then offered a job in youth ministry while he was working for the summer at Hume Lake Christian Camps. In response, he chose to take a year off and do a ministry internship to make sure that ministry was the right choice for him. After many things led him to believe ministry was the right choice, he attended Azusa Pacific University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry.