Fall week 3 Woven

Leaders, we are into week three and will be closing groups after Sunday.  If you have any new people who you may be adding, please make that happen soon. Hopefully your group is starting to connect and relationships are getting deeper. Remember, the goal of this season is to take those next steps toward vulnerability and being more like a family. This week we are closing out the Woven marriage series by looking at what influences us more than anything else--our faith. This will be a great opportunity to dive into what Christ calls us to be in relationships, so have a great week.

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Fall week 2 Woven

Hey Leaders, I hope that week one went great and that you are getting back into the swing of things. This week we are still in our marriage series and will be talking about conflict. This will not be quite as light hearted as most week twos usually are, but we tried not to make it excessively heavy. As always, please feel free to skip a question if you feel like that would be best; you can use this time to accelerate the depth and push into the significant. Also, please remember to take some time to ask God for wisdom, guidance, and his peace since that will always have more impact on your group than anything else.

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Fall Week 1! The Kickoff

Leaders, I am thrilled that it is September and Community Groups are back. There are many things in the life of the church and the people of the church that I think Community Groups are the answer to. I know that as the Groups Pastor I am supposed to think that, but I truly believe it. The more I see the extreme lack of relationships and connections in our valley and the staggering amount of people who are walking through life totally unknown, the more it just makes me believe that Groups are so vital and such a missing element. The struggle is that people who have not had something don't realize they are missing something. But this is where you come in, super-hero-like leaders ready to show others that God did not create us to fly solo. We were created to be in community: we need community, we desperately need God, and we also need each other.  This is why I cannot wait to get this season under way, and I look forward to what God is going to do in and through Groups this season, so let's get started.

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Spring Final Week 2018

Leaders, this is the final week of our groups, and I am reminded as we come to the end of q question I have been frequently asked: “How do we keep the good momentum we have rolling and not lose it for next season with the summer break being so long?” That is a great question that I do not have the perfect answer to, but I think something that really helps--and I strongly recommend--is making sure the group meets together a few times over the summer. Whether it is a BBQ, one of the events at the church, or doing a service project for a need the group knows of, all are great ways to keep the connection and be a tremendous help for bridging the gap and sharing life until September.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the last week, so please enjoy your time together as a group. Also, I ask a few favors of you as we wrap up:

Please fill out the leader’s survey here. Having the responses on the leader’s survey really helps me and the team know where we need to focus and improve, and also what we need to stick with because it is working

Let me know if you intend to lead a group again in September so we can be prepared early.

Give me one to three names of people you think would make good group leaders. We need to add new leaders, and the way we get them is by recommendation, so please take a minute and think of anyone you think may do a good job leading a group.

Finally, leaders, THANK YOU!  I really cannot adequately express the significance your role carries. I get to hear great stories of life change and connection and see relationships grow all throughout the season. I see people walk in on a Sunday and look like a deer in the headlights and then walk out before the last song is even over. Then over time, if things go right, I see one of you leaders reaching out to them, inviting them to your group, and getting them connected. Then usually a short while after I see those same people walk in, give and receive hugs and handshakes, hangout and talk, and feel totally at home. I don’t think the significance of even something as seemingly small as that can be overstated,and all of it happens because people like you as leaders choose to serve and be there for others as Christ calls us to. So thank you!


Spring Week 8 2018

Well, Leaders, we are in week eight of our nine-week Spring Season, so hopefully things have been getting more personal by now and your group is getting very real with each other. This week the questions are fairly direct and should help make the responses more about personal life and not just be general, on-the-surface thought. I trust this week’s discussion helps, and I pray that this season has brought about significant growth for both you and the people in your group and wraps up well.

Also, would you please take time this week or next to fill out the leaders’ survey that is linked below.  If you want feedback from your people on how they thought you did this season, please have them fill out the participant survey. (Michal will compile your group’s responses from that info later and send them off to you.)

Finally, we be hosting the Global Leadership Summit again this coming August 9-10 and would love to have you attend. This is always a great leadership event and benefits all our people who attend, so please, also, bring it up with your group and encourage them to sign up.   

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Spring Week 7 2018

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there!  It is absolutely insane to think about all that mothers give and are relied on for, and there is no way anyone could say thanks enough. A mother's role is something pretty much all of us have benefited from, so to all of you moms, you are incredible, and we are all thankful for you. Leaders, I think you (who are not moms) are pretty darn great also. It is week seven, so we are going a little deeper. Please keep in mind that the season is nearing its end, so take some risks and push for depth.

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Spring Week 6 2018

Hello Leaders. As we begin week six, the questions will begin to be a little more personal. Please start to think about how you can begin to push your group deeper as this an opportune time in the season to pursue more personal and important questions.

Here are this week’s resources:

Spring Week 4 2018

Hey leaders, the ball has begun to roll as we are back in the swing of groups! Within my own group last week we progressed relationally, and it was very encouraging to witness the joy that comes from being together and truly investing in each other's and God’s plan for our lives. I hope that your group is feeling the same way and I look forward to the rest of this season. Have a great week.

Here are this weeks resources:

Spring Week 3 2018

Leaders we are now into week three so this will be the last week for people to try different groups. After this your roster will be set and the questions will start to become more personal. If at this point you still have people on your roster who have not shown up please send me and Michal mschultz@churchinthehill.com their names and any information you have about why they have not shown up to this point and we will follow up with them. This week will be the start of a new series in Hebrews really looking at why and how life with Jesus truly is the best option. Should be a great season to really celebrate and thank God for how great life is with Him. Please let me know of any great stories you think we should share. (obviously with that person’s consent) 


Have a great week! Here are this weeks resources:

Spring 2018 Week 2

Leaders, we now move into Week 2 of our Spring season. Hopefully the newer members are now more comfortable than when they originally joined. This week is about living in God's plan, not our own; pursuing His guidance and wisdom.

Here are this week’s resources:

Spring 2018 Week 1

Leaders, welcome back from that long one-week break. Hopefully you had a great Easter and were able to really take some time to thank God for loving us as much as He does everyday. My hope is that the joy and peace of that love will motivate each of us this season as we dig into Scripture and relationships in our groups again.

Hopefully you have been able to draw some new people into your group, so the questions this week lean heavily on the get-to-know-you side.  With that in mind, please try to get to know any new people and make them feel comfortable with the responses you give to the questions. We are praying for a great season. 

As always, please share any stories or comments that stand out as the season goes on.

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Winter 2018 Final Week

Leaders, I know that it is a really short break that we have for Easter but before we jump into a new season I want to stop and thank you for the past season. You have probably heard me say before, but I truly believe it. The success of groups is influenced more heavily by the leader than any other factor. You as the facilitator / leader are the most important ingredient in the mix and I want you to know that you are appreciated. These past few seasons groups have really been taking off and gaining positive momentum and to me that is directly related to you as a leader. Thank you for the great work you have done and continue to do, and thank you for using your gifts to serve this body of believers.

Here are this weeks resources:

Winter 2018, Week 8

Leaders, we are wrapping up the Purple Hoodie series with a great week that I am excited about, Kathi Lipp will be talking about being rooted in our relationships with God and also with those around us. With both of the series we have had this season being relational-focused, I hope that your groups have really grown closer together. This week we are flat out asking the question of whether on not people feel they have deep-rooted relationships.  This will let us know how our groups are doing and will either be a great encouragement or, on the other side, be a great opportunity for groups that are not there yet to ask the question of what it would take to get there so they could then make plans to achieve it.  Please let me know if you need help with that.  At the leader meeting this Sunday we will be addressing that exact issue, so hopefully that will help also.

See you Sunday morning, March 4, at 10:45 in the prayer room!  Have a great week!

Here are this week’s resources:

Winter 2018, Week 7

Hey, Leaders.  We are now in week seven, and each of our groups should be very comfortable with each other and digging in every week. Hopefully this series has gone well for your group. This week we will be talking about second chances and how to have wisdom and humility in that area.  

Important Note:  our Community Group Leader Meeting is coming up on March 4th during the 10:45 service, so make plans now to be there.

Here are this week’s resources:

Winter 2018, Week 6

This week we get to talk about the power of encouragement and calling out the best in others, so I would like to do that for you as a leader. It is a godly and special trait for someone to be willing to give of their own time and energy for the benefit of others. It is the foundation of all that Christ chose to do for us; and as you do it for others, I believe they get a glimpse of Christ in you. What you do is honorable, godly, and very important. Thank you for being a person who lives this out and cares for others. From what I have seen in life, God gives more fulfillment to those who give of themselves for others than He gives to anyone else.  May you feel deeply fulfilled knowing that what you do not only matters, but it also changes lives for eternity. You are all a blessing, and I appreciate you.


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Winter 2018, Week 5

Hey leaders, we are jumping into a new series that I am excited about because it should be great for our Community Groups. We are calling it “____ _________ ________” (Sunday’s Message Title) for reasons you will understand after Sunday, but the point of the series is building relationships and the significance of belonging. Since the goal of Community Groups is to connect people to God’s Word and to His people, the series ties directly to what our groups are all about.  For people to connect to one another there has to be a sense that they belong and are accepted, and that is what we will be discussing. Please dig into this series as it is foundational to what we do and who we are as groups. This should be a great series in helping us realize not only the ability our groups have but also the power and impact they make in people’s lives.

Thanks for the way that you serve as leaders and for the sense of  belonging you create for others. You may never know just how impactful what you do each week really is.


Here are this weeks resources:


Winter 2018, Week 4

Leaders, I am excited to let you know that we are trying something that we have never tried before in groups. Instead of the usual questions and sharing time, this week we are shooting for an experience.  We are going to live out a part of Acts 2 together. We are going to talk together, encourage one another, take communion together, pray together, and worship God together. I know you are half excited for how cool this might be and half terrified of how bad and awkward this might be, but let’s focus more on the excited side. I realize this is stretching for most of us, so please do not hesitate to contact me (Josh) if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please be very aware of the level of your group and adjust accordingly.  If you have people in your group who are not followers, please make sure they do not feel any pressure about taking communion and explain why it is for followers only.


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Winter 2018, Week 3

Well, being that we covered money and tithing last week, for this coming week we decided we should talk about divorce, homosexuality, predestination, and politics. Good news: you do not need to think of a reason to quit as a leader!  That is just a joke, and we are actually talking about the mission of the church this week. We are coming to the end of the “My Church” series and wrapping it up with the mission of the church and God’s people. The main point will be that the church is not just about us as individuals, but about serving God and taking the good news to others. The goal is not to do this in a way to make people feel selfish and ashamed but to push toward living life the way God created us to live and experiencing the joy and fulfillment of using our gifts, skills, and talents to get to be a part of his bigger plan! I hope that you have a great week.


Here are this week’s resources: