Fall 2017, Week 9

Leaders, we are at week nine and only have one week left after this. Because of that, this is the last week we will have the regular routine with questions and discussion. The hope for week 10 is that the group will take some time to encourage one another and celebrate the growth you have seen in one another--and maybe have some dessert and games if you would like. 

For this week we are talking about how to search and rescue those who have fallen away from the flock. Remember that all of us have turned our backs to varying degrees and that humility is the secret sauce that makes all of this work. Hopefully we get to be a part of some great rescue stories in the near future.

Please share with me at josh@churchonthehill.com any stories and feedback you have heard either from this series or the community group season. We also have both the community group leader survey and the participant survey ready, so please make sure every individual in your group fills one out.  Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of others.

Here are this week's resources:

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