Fall 2017, Week 10

Well, leaders, this is the last week of the fall season, and I hope that it has been a great one for you and your group.  For Community Groups as a whole, I feel we made some great strides in all areas:

·         Our average attendance rose from 21 percent of our people being in groups last year at this time to about 33 percent of our people so far this year, using the numbers we have logged for this season. Our goal at this time is still to be above 40 percent, and we moved substantially closer. 

·         Beyond the numbers, I have also heard stories of significant life change and that some real depth and honesty has been going on in groups.  (A down side about groups, though, is that we seldom get to share most of that stuff publicly.) 

·         In many ways, this has been a great season, and it reminds me of just how important all of you are as leaders.  None of the life change, none of the stories, and none of the people who now feel they have a home and belong would be in that place if it were not for the groups and you who have chosen to step forward and lead. 

Your service is a tremendous blessing, and I am very grateful for all that you do, so THANK YOU!  Now please have a great last week, and be sure to take some time to celebrate this season as a group.

Here are this week's resources:

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