Winter 2018, Week 1

Leaders, we are back for the winter season of Community Groups.  I hope that Christmas and the close of 2017 was a special time for you and your loved ones. As we head into a new year and a new series, Scott is planning to talk a lot about belonging and relationships, so this season has the potential to be a very impactful one for your group.


Although we live in a world with people all over the place, it seems more and more people feel alone and isolated. They often feel as though they do not have a place to be accepted or allowed to be themselves, and our hope is that we will be able to change that for some. We want to show people that they are loved and do have a place to belong.  We want to help people see how much God loves them. It is pretty incredible to think we have the opportunity in our groups to do that, so . . . here we go, winter season!  Pray for God to do incredible things.


As we start out on a new season, this is a good time to reestablish some of the ground rules for community groups which will hopefully give us the best groups possible.

  • Keep things in the group confidential.

  • Do NOT give advice unless someone asks for it.

  • Make sure to give everyone an opportunity to talk.

  • Answer the questions before coming to group.

  • Do not feel the need to address every question.

  • Allow for respectful disagreement and engage struggles.

  • Make it safe, make it fun, and be free to be who you are.

  • Make sure people in your group enjoy it and feel comfortable.

  • As a leader, ask appropriate follow-up questions after people have already responded.

  • Encourage and affirm people when they share vulnerable parts of life.

  • Remember, people usually do not grow in their comfort zone, so push a step further.

  • Allow each person to journey at their own pace.

Leaders, I hope that you have a great season!  As always, if you need anything or have any questions, feel free to call or text Josh.


Here are this week’s resources:

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