Winter 2018, Week 2

Leaders, I know it is only week two and groups are just getting rolling, but it just so happens that the topic for this week is on giving and that Scott will be pretty much focused on the financial aspect of giving. Needless to say, it could easily be a week that causes people to feel uncomfortable, so my thought is simply to wade into the discomfort this week and allow for the discussion to be as open as possible with as much honesty as everyone can bring. Although this will probably not be an easy week, it may be an incredible week.  It has the potential to change people’s lives forever by helping them see how they can break free from the control money can have on them.

I know that some of you as leaders may be thinking about your finances and tithes, etc., and how you may be falling short in some ways also. Please be honest with that and also give people the freedom to be honest with where they are. Scott will probably say this in his message, but the national average of giving is somewhere around two or three percent.  That means that a vast majority of people struggle in this area, and we want our groups to be a place to have an open and honest conversation about giving.

Here are this week’s resources:

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