Winter 2018, Week 3

Well, being that we covered money and tithing last week, for this coming week we decided we should talk about divorce, homosexuality, predestination, and politics. Good news: you do not need to think of a reason to quit as a leader!  That is just a joke, and we are actually talking about the mission of the church this week. We are coming to the end of the “My Church” series and wrapping it up with the mission of the church and God’s people. The main point will be that the church is not just about us as individuals, but about serving God and taking the good news to others. The goal is not to do this in a way to make people feel selfish and ashamed but to push toward living life the way God created us to live and experiencing the joy and fulfillment of using our gifts, skills, and talents to get to be a part of his bigger plan! I hope that you have a great week.


Here are this week’s resources:

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