Winter 2018, Week 4

Leaders, I am excited to let you know that we are trying something that we have never tried before in groups. Instead of the usual questions and sharing time, this week we are shooting for an experience.  We are going to live out a part of Acts 2 together. We are going to talk together, encourage one another, take communion together, pray together, and worship God together. I know you are half excited for how cool this might be and half terrified of how bad and awkward this might be, but let’s focus more on the excited side. I realize this is stretching for most of us, so please do not hesitate to contact me (Josh) if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please be very aware of the level of your group and adjust accordingly.  If you have people in your group who are not followers, please make sure they do not feel any pressure about taking communion and explain why it is for followers only.


Here are this week’s resources:

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