Winter 2018, Week 5

Hey leaders, we are jumping into a new series that I am excited about because it should be great for our Community Groups. We are calling it “____ _________ ________” (Sunday’s Message Title) for reasons you will understand after Sunday, but the point of the series is building relationships and the significance of belonging. Since the goal of Community Groups is to connect people to God’s Word and to His people, the series ties directly to what our groups are all about.  For people to connect to one another there has to be a sense that they belong and are accepted, and that is what we will be discussing. Please dig into this series as it is foundational to what we do and who we are as groups. This should be a great series in helping us realize not only the ability our groups have but also the power and impact they make in people’s lives.

Thanks for the way that you serve as leaders and for the sense of  belonging you create for others. You may never know just how impactful what you do each week really is.


Here are this weeks resources:


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