Winter 2018, Week 6

This week we get to talk about the power of encouragement and calling out the best in others, so I would like to do that for you as a leader. It is a godly and special trait for someone to be willing to give of their own time and energy for the benefit of others. It is the foundation of all that Christ chose to do for us; and as you do it for others, I believe they get a glimpse of Christ in you. What you do is honorable, godly, and very important. Thank you for being a person who lives this out and cares for others. From what I have seen in life, God gives more fulfillment to those who give of themselves for others than He gives to anyone else.  May you feel deeply fulfilled knowing that what you do not only matters, but it also changes lives for eternity. You are all a blessing, and I appreciate you.


Here are this week’s resources:

Josh BecknallComment