Spring 2017, Week 6

Leaders, we knew going into this season that it was going to be a short one, but this season has flown by. This week will be pretty packed so be aware of your group time as this will be a really easy one to go over on time. This is the second to last week of the season and it will be the last week with the usual question structure. For the last week we recommend a celebration of some sort whether it be a BBQ or a game night, just something to celebrate and cap off the season that is a fun time. Also this past season my group chose to do a half day service project of going to a elderly woman's house from our church and helping her take care of her yard and clean out her shed. Adding the service element was a huge success for our group and was one of the best things we have done as a group so I highly recommend trying to add one at the end of each season if your group can. Both the fun and service obviously need to be planned ahead so I suggest bringing them up this week to try to plan it or just see if people are into it. If you need suggestions of service projects please ask Susan Ellis sellis@churchonthehill.com or just ask for suggestions from the group. Please feel free to help a group member, sometimes that is the most impactful. Finally, if you would please fill out a leader survey to help us as a team get better and have your members fill out a participant survey to help your group get better. I know these are helpful IF they get filled out, but we have had very few filled out so please find a way to make this happen this season. I hope this week will be a great meeting and as always please share any highlight stories.   

Here are this week's resources:


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