Spring 2017, Week 7

Leaders, This is our last meeting of the season! Hopefully you having a fun get together with your group and taking the time to celebrate and highlight this past season. As we usually do, one of the questions asks for group members to go around and encourage one another. I know that this is not easy to start but I highly encourage giving it a shot as it has an incredible power to bring the group together and also raise the vulnerability, on top of that it encourages people and makes them feel loved and we all could use that.  Finally, if you would please fill out a leader survey to help us as a team get better and have your members fill out a participant survey to help your group get better. I know these are helpful IF they get filled out, but we have had very few filled out so please find a way to make this happen this season. Lastly, if your group decides to do a service project this season, please let me know. I hope this week will be a great meeting and as always please share any highlight stories.   

Here are this week's resources:


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