Spring Week 8 2018

Well, Leaders, we are in week eight of our nine-week Spring Season, so hopefully things have been getting more personal by now and your group is getting very real with each other. This week the questions are fairly direct and should help make the responses more about personal life and not just be general, on-the-surface thought. I trust this week’s discussion helps, and I pray that this season has brought about significant growth for both you and the people in your group and wraps up well.

Also, would you please take time this week or next to fill out the leaders’ survey that is linked below.  If you want feedback from your people on how they thought you did this season, please have them fill out the participant survey. (Michal will compile your group’s responses from that info later and send them off to you.)

Finally, we be hosting the Global Leadership Summit again this coming August 9-10 and would love to have you attend. This is always a great leadership event and benefits all our people who attend, so please, also, bring it up with your group and encourage them to sign up.   

Have a great week! Here are your resources:


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