Spring Final Week 2018

Leaders, this is the final week of our groups, and I am reminded as we come to the end of q question I have been frequently asked: “How do we keep the good momentum we have rolling and not lose it for next season with the summer break being so long?” That is a great question that I do not have the perfect answer to, but I think something that really helps--and I strongly recommend--is making sure the group meets together a few times over the summer. Whether it is a BBQ, one of the events at the church, or doing a service project for a need the group knows of, all are great ways to keep the connection and be a tremendous help for bridging the gap and sharing life until September.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the last week, so please enjoy your time together as a group. Also, I ask a few favors of you as we wrap up:

Please fill out the leader’s survey here. Having the responses on the leader’s survey really helps me and the team know where we need to focus and improve, and also what we need to stick with because it is working

Let me know if you intend to lead a group again in September so we can be prepared early.

Give me one to three names of people you think would make good group leaders. We need to add new leaders, and the way we get them is by recommendation, so please take a minute and think of anyone you think may do a good job leading a group.

Finally, leaders, THANK YOU!  I really cannot adequately express the significance your role carries. I get to hear great stories of life change and connection and see relationships grow all throughout the season. I see people walk in on a Sunday and look like a deer in the headlights and then walk out before the last song is even over. Then over time, if things go right, I see one of you leaders reaching out to them, inviting them to your group, and getting them connected. Then usually a short while after I see those same people walk in, give and receive hugs and handshakes, hangout and talk, and feel totally at home. I don’t think the significance of even something as seemingly small as that can be overstated,and all of it happens because people like you as leaders choose to serve and be there for others as Christ calls us to. So thank you!


Josh BecknallComment