Winter Week 9 Words

As crazy as this may seem, we are into week nine of the winter Community Groups season already, and it is time to plan those week ten parties, if you are doing one. The message series we are in will take us to the end of the season, so I will leave it up to you as leaders to choose if you want to use week 10 to do the wrap-up from the workbook or to do an end-of-season party or mix.  Also, we are beginning to do sign-ups for the next season, which will be starting on April 7, so let your group members know so they’ll be able to plan.

I hope it has been a great season for your group, and I would love to hear any feedback or great stories you may have.  Please take a moment to fill out a leader survey and also ask your group to fill out a participant survey. That would be greatly appreciated.

Leader survey -

Participant survey -

Thanks and have a great week, Here are your resources.

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