Winter Week 10 Words Final Week of Winter Season

Leaders, we are into week 10, which is the last week for our Winter Season of Community Groups. This is also the last week for the WORDS series, so I will leave you with the choice of whether you want to spend your final week of the season doing a wrap-up/party time or if you want to do the last week of the study. You have the best idea of what would be best for your group, so please make that choice and then let me know if I can do anything to help support you and your group in that. If you would like the usual type of final week questions, I have attached them here . I hope that you had a great season and are ready to build on it when we begin our Spring Season on April 7.

I hope it has been a great season for your group, and I would love to hear any feedback or great stories you may have.  Please take a moment to fill out a leader survey and also ask your group to fill out a participant survey. That would be greatly appreciated.

Leader survey -

Participant survey -

Thanks and have a great week, Here are your resources.

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