Spring Week 1 Season Kickoff The Cross

Leaders, we are back for the Spring Season! As we kick off this season, the behind-the-scenes truth is that we need more leaders to be able to offer more groups because the groups we have are mostly full across the board. I don’t tell you that to ask for help; I tell you to remind you how incredibly important you are. As I have said many times, the success of a group is influenced by the leader more than anything else.  The fact that we are coming to a place where almost all of our groups are full means groups are becoming successful, and that is because of each one of you. What you do is key to the spiritual growth of our church, and I am really grateful for each one of you.

As we start this season, if you have any new people in your group, please use the get-to-know you questions. If your group is already established, then it may be best for you to use the three questions related to the message.

Have a great week!  Here are your resources.

Josh BecknallComment