Spring Week 3 Easter

Leaders, I hope this season has started off well for you and your group. If you end up having some new people join your group after Easter, please make sure to welcome them in and change the questions as you see fit.

This weekend we celebrate Good Friday and Easter--the best occasions we will ever have to celebrate. We get to set aside time specifically to remember that instead of punishing us for all the dumb things we have ever done, God stepped in, sent His Son, and gave everything so He can have a personal relationship with us . . . and now we can have peace, hope, and eternal love!  If that does not get you excited and give you something to look forward to talking about, then I do not think anything will. Enjoy your time with your group, and have fun celebrating the greatest gift any of us will ever receive!

Have a great week.  Here are your resources:

Josh BecknallComment