Spring Week 4 Silencing the Monster

Leaders, we are into week four and are also starting out a new series that will take us to the end of the Spring CG Season. Since it is week four, sign-ups will be shut down, and we will be moving into more personal questions that hopefully bring about more depth and connection.

The new message series will be looking at different things that we all deal with that we would probably all agree would be good to get a better handle on. We are calling the series “Silencing the Monster,” and this first week we will be talking about worry. This should lead to great discussions in group, but that will only take place if people are honest and share things that are real deep worries and not just the more acceptable ones. That is where you come in as the leader.  Please set the tone for everyone by putting yourself out there and being truly vulnerable and see what God does in your group after you lead out.

Have a great week, here are your resources;

Josh BecknallComment