Spring Week 5 Silencing the Monster

Well leaders, this week we are pushing you to the border of your comfort zone and for some of you we are going beyond your comfort zone. This week we are talking about lust and porn which can make people uncomfortable. At the same time, however, we all know people who have lost their marriages and so many other things to this addiction, so please wade out into the deep and take risks this week knowing that this topic can destroy lives.  If we do this right and point people in the right direction, there is a chance it will turn people away from destruction. Obviously, as is the same every week and especially this one, please be praying ahead of time for the direction of the Spirit and for the wisdom and words you will need to lead this.

These questions are not designed to specifically address someone who is struggling with lust and porn. However, as leaders, please understand that the numbers tell us there is an extremely high probability that someone in your group (yes, this applies to females also) is currently struggling with porn. If someone is bold enough to share that, please celebrate their boldness and feel free to change course and create questions based on trying to help them work through and overcome this issue. If you as the leader also struggle with this, please let the group know that. We are asking leaders to be vulnerable and honest, never perfect. If as a leader this is your struggle but you do not want to tell the group, please let myself or another staff person know so we can try to get you the help you need.

Have a great week, here are your resources: